Open House/Faculty Exhibit at the Boca Museum the Art School


Saturday, August 23, 1-4 OPEN HOUSE: Meet teachers, learn about classes, visit the studios and see short demonstrations and art techniques.  The faculty exhibit will be on display but the reception for the faculty exhibit will be held on Friday 10/24/14.  Hope you will attend both events.  I will be demonstrating china painting techniques and will also be showing my latest porcelain painting at the open house.

Adult Class Schedule:

Term 1A Start 9-1 Ends 9-28 $130.00

Term 1B Start 9-29 End 10-26 $175.00

All Seen Weeks $20.00 Discount, $285.00

I will be teaching china painting every Friday from 9-12.  Classes begin September 12, 2014.  Come and join the fun and learn a new art form.

Call the school for more information: 561-392-2503.