Cancer Survivors Day at the Lynn Cancer Institute/Boca Raton Regional Hospital


100_1191June 2, 2013 marked the second year that porcelain artist Mary Belle Cordell co-chaired the day long tile painting event with the Boca Raton The School of the Arts.  Cancer survivors and their families arrived on Sunday morning to paint tiles for their loved ones.  Each person painted a poem or thought that had helped them through difficult times.  The tiles painted this year will be added ot the two hundred tiles that were painted last year.  The tiles are on the wall of the lobby at the Lynn Cancer Institute, 701 NW 13 Street, Boca Raton, FL 33268.  The art work is truly amazing and may be seen by all who pas through this beautiful building.

Mary Belle has added her expertise by asking for donations and ordering glazes for this project.  She also painted and helped glaze many of the tiles that were completed.