Beginning European Encaustic Art Painting Class


encaustic_art_1Encaustic art is an unusual and different way to create amazing original works of art. Students of all abilities and talents will soon be able to attend classes taught by Mary Belle Cordell in this age-old art form. I have found that painting with wax or painting on porcelain are two almost lost arts. Each of these age-old art forms take time and patience but the end result is usually something that no one else can produce.

The word encaustic means To Burn In. A small iron is used on a low temperature to melt the colored wax.The melted wax may be used to create abstract or more complicated pictures.The wax is liquid when melted and solid when cool.

The classes will be held Friday afternoon at the Boca Museum The Art School in Boca Raton, Florida. Classes begin in September.