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Porcelain Paninting

Porcelain Paintings - Mary Belle Cordell

Professional photo of porcelain master, Mary Belle Cordell

Porcelain egg painted by Mary Belle Cordell

Mary Belle Cordell is a porcelain art teacher, certified by the World Organization of China painters. She has studied at the prestigious Penland School of Arts and Crafts, the Virginia Douglas School of Porcelain Art in N. Carolina, and with internationally known porcelain art teachers. She paints in many mediums but her first love is porcelain painting. 

Mary Belle has a broad experience in teaching this fine art and is presently on the staff of the Boca Museum of Art the Art School. She attributes her successful professional life to a challenging teaching style and a passion for porcelain painting. Her commissions have included painting very large murals on tiles and designing the smallest porcelain boxes from Limoges, France. 

As a tribute to her fine eye, the works of Mary Belle are in several prestigious private collections including the collection of best-selling author Mary Higgins Clark. A winner of many awards from regional South Florida art shows, Mary Belle continues to be nourished by her art and the passion it inspires in her teaching.

Mastering the Art of Porcelain Paintings

Click each image below to view Cordell's porcelain galleries.

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  • STILL LIFE Still Life Gallery of Mary Belle Cordell
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