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Mary Belle Cordell will be painting product test pieces for Marabu Mixed Media Encaustic Paint Co.She will be painting with their Glass, enviironmentallyPorcelain and Ceramic non firing paints .Marabu paints are made in environmentally friendly. The company has been in business foe 150 years. Almost all of their 20,000 products are water based and user friendly. Mary Belle is especially interested in the Glas and Porcelain products which are air dried and heated in you home oven. No firing in a kiln is required and the painting will be permanent.She will be painting on glass vases, plates and porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.More information to come about this project.


The Blue Ridge Arts Association will be showing and selling porcelain pendants and art work by Mary Belle Cordell at the Blue Ridge Georgia Art Center.
The Art Center exhibits contemporary and multi­cultural arts. The Art Center is located in the Fannin Co. Courthouse which is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Mary Belle will be a guest artist for six month.


CLICK HERE for Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association Website

Luminous Porcelain Art

Miss Floral Hair

Marco Polo brought porcelain objects back from his historic travels in China but it was not until 1708 that the technique of porcelain painting was discovered in Europe. Mary Belle Cordell teaches this unique art at the Boca Museum the Art School.
Luminous translucent oil based paints are used and fired at 1400 degrees in a kiln to produce each fine art piece of porcelain.
Teaching the fine art of china painting has become a passion for porcelain artist Mary Belle Cordell. Contact Mary Belle for class information or to purchase any of her fine art porcelain: 954-772-9647


Luminous Porcelain ArtLuminous Porcelain ArtLuminous Porcelain Art