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Palette Knife Painting: Introduction: The transparent enamel is mixed with 50% china paint to achieve the proper color. The powder mixture is mixed with a fast drying oil. When mixing the colored china paints with the base for gold enamel use three times more enamel that china paints. The more china paint You use the darker the color will be. All of the colors should be mixed and ready to go before beginning this project. The palette knife to be used should be long pointed and flexible.The only brush you will use on this project is a pointer brush. The medium pointer brush will be used for details such as trees and grass, etc A rubber tipped wipe out tool is used in the enamel for detail and hi-lights This project will be painted on a 9 X 12 tile and fired in a kiln at 1700 degrees. Clean up is easy with Turpinoid non-turpentine brush cleaner. This one-day work shop will be fun for beginning and advanced students  The class may be scheduled in the Fall season at the Boca Museum Art School. For more information about this workshop call the artist Mary Belle Cordell