China Painting Classes begin at the Boca Museum the Art School September 9, 2016


porcelain_art_example-2The Fall classes will begin at the Boca Museum the Art School located at 801 West Palmetto Park Road,Boca Raton Fl 33486. Contact numbers are 561-392-2503 or 954-772-964 7. The china painting class will be held on Friday morning from 9am until 12pm. Beginners are welcome and will be encouraged by the teacher and other students. Mary Belle has been on the staff teaching china painting for 14 years. Her expertise in this fine art is extended to all of her students. All of your blank porcelain, brushes, paints,firing and solvents will be supplied to you in porcelain_art_example-3this class for a supply fee which is charged by the teacher each semester. You may paint on tiles, plates, small vases or trays, etc. Come and enjoy this fun class with other fun students.