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Porcelain artist Mary Belle Cordell is painting twenty ten inch plates to be installed as one work of art.  They will be installed in rows of four plates.  Each plate will touch the other.  A continual 17th century floral pattern will flow throughout the design.  You may look forward in the next few months to view how this china painting project is progressing.  Each designed plate will connect to one of the other plates and all will be fired in a kiln many times at a temperature of 1400 to 1700 degrees.  Mary Belle is continually pushing the limits with her original designs.  The fine art of china painting is always opening new experiences for this porcelain artist.



Saturday, August 23, 1-4 OPEN HOUSE: Meet teachers, learn about classes, visit the studios and see short demonstrations and art techniques.  The faculty exhibit will be on display but the reception for the faculty exhibit will be held on Friday 10/24/14.  Hope you will attend both events.  I will be demonstrating china painting techniques and will also be showing my latest porcelain painting at the open house.

Adult Class Schedule:

Term 1A Start 9-1 Ends 9-28 $130.00

Term 1B Start 9-29 End 10-26 $175.00

All Seen Weeks $20.00 Discount, $285.00

I will be teaching china painting every Friday from 9-12.  Classes begin September 12, 2014.  Come and join the fun and learn a new art form.

Call the school for more information: 561-392-2503.





Amy Cheney Beach (1867-1944) was the first women composer to be recognied in the Unitamy_beach_drawing_by_mary_belle_cordell_newed States.  She was the first woman in America known to have composed a symphony.  She composed hundreds of other compositions that included a piano concerto, an opera, numerous piano solos and duets.

The ink drawings of Amy Beach will be used on tiles, a music book and shirts to help celebrate the 150th birthday of this famous woman composer. 

Mary Belle is excited to have her ink drawings used in such a special way.